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Bible Christian Life

The Reason 3

We can go back to where we started with The Israelite and again with David at the beginning of this message and we can connect the dots now. We had the perfect relationship with God but we wanted more for ourselves and we sinned and we were removed from the garden. Gods grace endured and …

Bible Christian Life

The Reason 2

An interesting and reliant idea to keep in mind here is this. When you are a bible nerd such as myself and look into this its sort of mind blowing. The old testament covers right about 4,000 years of events. Thew contrast is the new testament which covered about 40 years of events. The book …

Bible Christian Life

The Reason Series

Did you know the book of Genesis covers about 2,600 years? More than half the total time covered in the old testament.
What was the law before the law of Moses?
Explore how the quest for simplification has really draws us away from God. See how this pattern has persisted from the very beginning all the way through to today.