There’s a lot to be said for faith. It can move mountains; it makes all the difference in our lives. What we have faith in and what we don’t alter our world view. Misplaced faith can devise ate us and incomplete faith can be worse than no faith at all.

Faith is complex and misunderstood. Many people might say they have faith in God but most of the time when a person says that what the mean is that they have faith that God exists, that however is very different than having faith in God. Sure faith in God starts with believing that he exists but when we say that we believe in a person we never mean we believe in their existence, that expression always indicates that what we believe in us that person’s abilities or their character or their trustworthiness. Commonly we get the concepts of faith in God and faith that he exists confused.

I speak to a lot of people who ask questions about how to have faith, how to keep it and how to strengthen it. On the other side of the coin I also get asked a lot about sin. Where is the line between sin and acceptable behavior? It may sound odd but these two are actually very much connected. When we have a faith in God that is generally defined by the idea that we simply believe he exists then we have a faith that not quite strong enough to weather the storm. As a result, many Christian people find themselves recognizing that there is something missing. Some go seeking that missing piece and other start to look for ways to continue calling themselves faithful while still participating in their old sinful practices. Some just let their faith go altogether.

When we read the Bible we hear great stories of great people whom God gave amazing take to. Moses, Noah, Abraham, Elijah and the list goes on. Many look upon these patriarchs and think about how awesome it must be to have been selected by God to do such amazing things but they neglect to see the part that Gods choice to use them began with their own faith.

A serious kind of Faith 2

Noah was selected to survive the flood and save the human race. Moses parted the Red Sea and founded the relationship between God and man. Elijah was able to stop the rain for years and then called down fire from heaven. Not because any of these men were great but because their faith was.

So how do we find the path that leads is from our faith being a mere understanding that God exists, to a faith where God can use is to part the seas? I am not claiming to be able to perform miracles but I can tell you that if you seek to have stronger faith in God then you should start by getting to know him. We read the Bible to see how God worked through his people because through that we can become familiar with what God can do. We can see how true his care and love for us is and we can get to know God so we recognize him and his ways when we encounter them in our lives. We pray so that we can develop our relationship with the same God who we read about. The God that can call us to do amazing things if we have developed and strengthen our faith to a point where we are willing to walk when God says walk or be still when he says to be still.

Our relationship with God requires the same attention and concern as our relationships with other people. God is not something we keep on a shelf till we need him. If that is the role God plays in your life, then you probably shouldn’t be surprised that there aren’t more amazing and spiritual things happening to you. The same way that you must speak to a person every day and listen to what they say and share with them yourself in order to get to know them, you must also do with