we have all been hit with the realization that society as a whole is not the buffer or the protector we thought it was. Even those who live holy lives, looking out on the world from the safety of their homes and churches are having those things challenged. 

We look to government to handle curtain things for us. We expect to go to a doctor or hospital when we’re sick and to a store or restaurant when we’re hungry. We expect to be able to get up on a Sunday morning and go to church and see our friends and our pastor for help guidance and comfort, We expect to go to work and ultimately we expect for society to, for the most part, march on. This hasn’t been the case though. 

From the outset of this global event we have been told and shown time and again that any one of these things aren’t holding up as we expected. Companies are closing, our jobs are going away. Doctors and hospitals, even medicines aren’t available, we can’t go to restaurants, when we go to the store we may or may not find what we want and we can’t go to church. Our friends and pastors are themselves isolated and in some cases worried and disconnected. There isn’t a person that’s available to get you back on track spiritually. 

We are coming apart at the seems but is this a bad thing? God created us to be communal creatures. The church, society just people living with and helping people is part of his design. When Jesus started his ministry his first step was to gather a team. He didn’t need to do so but he was displaying Gods design for community. Ultimately however the community sometimes replaces the center piece for which that community exists. 

When you follow the life of all the great figures of faith from the Bible you see that they have defined times of both community and solitude. Part of what puts them in position to have such great experiences with God is that they are dependent on him and not the situation. Their faith is the same when they’re alone or with others, it’s the same when they’re doing well or poorly, when their doing good things or failing they are in all instances fully dependent on him and God can do amazing things with that. 

The prophet Elijah has faith so powerful God Rained down fire from heaven in the presence of thousands of people, most of whom wanted to kill him but when alone he spoke to God with such clarity you’d have thought they were just two people talking. In all instances he was reliant upon God alone.  

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