so many have gone crazy, honestly some didn’t wait for a global event to do so. “Prepping” is a popular word that pertains to people stocking up for end times. This doesn’t normally impact anyone but in times like these, buying loads of supplies now really just creates shortages for the rest of us. 

The Bible tells us to be wise and cautious and to be good stewards. This means to use the supplies we have wisely but having a garage full of canned beans while other people go hungry isn’t really a good example of that. 

What we have seen is that between people and stores we can’t rely upon the world to supply us with what we need or even worse when we think we’re so well supplied that we need not worry for ourselves sir others we are fully disconnected from God. The Bible says that God supplies our needs. There’s a scripture that comes to mind , There’s a parable being told in Luke chapter 12 starting at verse 13 about a person who is having a great time. Everything he has done is successful and he has such an abundance of provision, food water, livestock, crops he has all he needs and more and so he says that he will need to tear down how barn and build an even bigger one to hold all his wealth. The final verse of this story is this

Luke 12:20 

20 But God said to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul is required of you, and the things you have prepared, whose will they be?’

All that preparation all that excess and this man was destined to die that very night, Our provision can not save us from what has been laid out by God for us.

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