This is a message that has some harsh points but they are good. There is a lot going on in the world but there is so much opportunity for growth and it’s something we all need to consider. The chance to go deeper and to bee in a more mature place with God is golden. 

Trust God. It’s the center of the whole Christian faith. We say it we know it but do we do it? The answer is complex. We each seem to have places where we trust him to a point where we don’t really worry or even think about it. Most of us know we might not see tomorrow but we trust God and don’t really think about it. We keep planning and stocking up for this future event or that. We save money for vacations, get new wardrobes for coming seasons, we study for future career opportunities and even Chang our life styles so we can look how we want at future events. It’s just life. The things going on tomorrow still need preparation if it happens we ourselves don’t make it there. 

The fragility and finite nature of life is always present. In the middle of a global pandemic however we are sort of rudely woken from the dream life wherein we don’t have to acknowledge just how fragile life can be. It is a very sobering thing that brings us back to a much more active or “hands on” faith. 

In the panic, we can’t neglect the quality of our faith. In our previous world we delighted plans and backup plans. We felt quite prepared, if this didn’t work then we had other means maybe even several other ways to accomplish the same goal or parts of it. In the end having the idea that we were in control. 

Clearly we are not. 

Not only are we seeing just how much we aren’t in control we are also finding there isn’t anywhere but God to turn to. We are in free fall. 

Our faith has to rise to that occasion and it’s a very tough process. We want to shy away from things that give us constant reason to panic. When the storm comes we are waiting for it to stop. We have the faith that God will get us through at the beginning but before long we are a little less sure. Why is the storm lasting so long? Why is there a storm at all? We start to look outside of God for comfort. 

I know God says he will get me through it but let me look to other examples, to other people, to the world around me for things that can help reinforce this idea that I will, in fact be okay. It’s like our faith back up plan. 

We can’t talk about trusting God and then go to the news and to the statistics and the models and the predictions to back up our trust. That’s the opposite of trust as a matter of fact. Gods telling us that we need to start living like this, HIM plus NOTHING! You need to take you’re fear captive and be bold in Christ. 

Does Jesus need a co-signer? 

Do we not speak, almost continually about how the Lord is our everything? To say the word everything literally means that there is nothing more. You can’t add to everything cause it means there is nothing left over to add. 

I remember having a vision a couple years back. The vision was of Jesus and his words were to embrace him like a child does a parent. 

A scared child hugs their parent completely burying their face in their parent as they wrap their arms around them. They are so fully engulfed in this hug that they can’t really even see anything around them. All they see if their parent. And that is enough. That is the comfort they wanted. They didn’t want the parent to show them the scary things they didn’t want to see anything besides their parent at all. 

We need to hold on to Jesus but do so in a manner that fully obscured your need for outside influence. When Jesus called Peter our upon the water he didn’t say look at how the water won’t take you under if you have faith, he said keep your eyes on me. 

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