An interesting and reliant idea to keep in mind here is this. When you are a bible nerd such as myself and look into this its sort of mind blowing. The old testament covers right about 4,000 years of events. Thew contrast is the new testament which covered about 40 years of events. The book of genesis alone however covers right between 2,600 and 2,700 years of that total time. Moses came on tot he seen right around the 1,300 B.C area and he was over 80 before he brought the 10 commandments down from Mt Sinai so we are looking at a solid 2,700 years without the write law of Moses.

This is relevant for a few reasons. This book that covers more time than any other technically depicts a time where the law of God weren’t yet centrally located on a tablet of stone to go and refer to and study.

What happened furring this time?

The story of Cain and Abel, The Flood, the Patriarch Abraham Issac and Jacob the story of Joseph in Egypt who interpreted Pharaohs dream

All this happened in this time frame and we know from the text that God was not missing at all from the scene. But as a continuation of the previous question asked me : why the commandments were present in the garden, people as this: How did the people of Genesis know what to do and not to do, how did they know about sacrifices and what was pleasing to the lord? They had not yet received the written law.

Abraham as one example here was called a friend of God and a man of great faith and righteousness. How can someone who doesn’t know the Law of God be righteous by that law?

Just as in the Garden the answer is simple… See in the garden God walked physically with Adam and Eve when you read the first few chapters of Genesis its quite beautiful the descriptive language used to show just how amazing this relationship was. Adam and even could see God and Speak to him just like they could to one another. the law was summed up in one command don’t eat the fruit. We had a simple and close relationship with God. And it was called perfect. We crossed that line. On the outside of the garden God didn’t leave us. Unfortunately we could not maintain the relationship Adam and Eve had, we couldn’t stand in the presence of God anymore. We were sinners now and in very presence of God sin can not exist so the relationship changed God spoke to the people but he wasn’t able to walk with them the way he did with Adam and Eve the way he intended.

Even still his presence was clear. He spoke to the people directly.

In the garden there was one rule, after the garden there was more definition to the rules but God was happy to have that personal relationship with people where we went to him about everything and he guided us.

This is what a relationship really is. We hear the phrase often .

Christianity is not a religion its a relationship

This is what that relationship is meant to look like.