These past few weeks have shown us a tremendous issue with our spiritual state.

Proverbs 3:5-6 New International Version (NIV)

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart    and lean not on your own understanding;6 in all your ways submit to him,    and he will make your paths straight.

We didn’t really seem to notice that we put a lot of faith in our own society, our government, and the world in general. We did in fact lean on our own understanding. When we are hungry we know where to go to get food. We feel in that action that we have taken care of that need for ourselves. We have seen though that when the store has no food for us that our money is useless. we felt comfort in thinking we could always take care of our own needs and that our faith was more of a hobby. something we spent time on when we weren’t busy making money in order to tend to those personal needs that we felt we were handling. that’s how we justified in our own minds this sort of back burner faith that so many of us had until this crisis came upon us.

So many people of faith are finding themselves in a spiral of fear and anxiety because they didn’t realize that they had placed so much faith in this false security they though they had only to find out that in the matter of days all the constructs they’d relied upon fell apart. People flocked to the store some believers and some not, they ran in droves clearing shelves of all manner of items, they know deep down that these 5things wont keep them safe but they are so used to looking to the world for comfort that they feel like surrounding themselves with worldly items will keep them from whats happening.

I’m sorry to have to break down your delusion but nothing can protect you accept God. This crisis is an opportunity to redirect ourselves back to the life we thought we were living. we though we lived faithful lives but we have been shown that we were leaning on our own understanding instead of Gods.

Faith is a word that we sometimes loose sight of. Faith means to believe, and we understand that but we aren’t always thinking about the fact that in context, Faith,  means that there are reasons present that make it hard to believe. Faith is an action word it requires keeping ones eyes on Jesus even when things are getting awful dark. We are called to be light and yet we fear the darkness even though it is in the darkness that a light shines the brightest. People out there are searching desperately for a light and not just now that we are all hunkered down, no there are people in this world searching desperately for this light in a world that has been dark well before now. As much as we all are tempted to immediately look to ideas of punishment and end times when we are in a crisis especially one of global proportions but perhaps we are missing that this experience has the potential to show us how to be better at being the light not in crisis but at all times. Times like this teach us to stand we learn to go to God as a first line of defense instead of a last resort.

When people who are lost in this world see other lost people they panic but when those lost people see people who know where they’re going because they know to whom they belong, those lost people cant help but be drawn to that actual security.

Not the fake idea of security that stocked grocery store shelves seem to give us but that an actual and eternal God with a plan for us that extends forward from now into that eternity can offer.

Lets stand and redirect our faith not in fear or anxiety, our faith should have been in God this whole time. rejoice in Gods mercy to show us how we can be even closer to him.