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I am a jack of all trades. In addition to full-time ministry, I am also a web designer, application developer, and a writer. In the capacity of the later, I sometimes am invited to cover events. Take in the sights and sounds and write about it. This past weekend that’s just what happened but I have to say I was quite surprised by the sights and sounds at this event.

Hulk Hogan told a generation to say their prayers, that wasn’t just lip service

The event was ACE Comic-Con in Glendale Arizona. If you’d never been to or heard of a comic con, basically it’s a large event where people from all over get together and shop, dress up and talk about some odd their favorite pop culture movies, books, comics, and games. Now before I continue I do want to say that these sorts of events are generally nice and for the most part halesome. Obviously, some pop culture is less so that others but on average were talking about Spiderman and Star Wars and things like that. That being said however there are some things that are a bit darker and to be honest as a Christian minister, though I value and learn a lot from events like this that does help immensely in ministry, I do sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable. Some very bad messages can sometimes be wrapped up in something unassuming like a carton or a game. It is important to vigilant. For the most part, however, as I said its innocent.

For all the times I have ever been to places like this, however, this was the very first time I encountered such an amazing twist. At this particular show, there were several personalities from the WWE. Big names such as Hulk Hogan, Sting, Eric Bishcoff and a more. It was pretty amazing. If you’d ever been a fan of old school wrestling it was a pretty cool scene.

don’t let the facepaint fool you this man is passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ

They opening the wrestlers up for questions from the audience and among those in the line was a young man who asked a question. One simple question that changed the tone of the whole event. He asked, “are any of you born again?”
Every single person on the stage stood up and declared before all in attendance that they were all proud Christians. One among them the wrestler knows as Sting told the audience that “Jesus Christ was his lord and savior” he quoted from the Bible about never denying Christ before men o that he would not deny him before God the father. These words came out so passionately and to the applaud of the crowd. From that question on almost everyone who asked a question finished by saying God bless you.

Just the smallest drop of Jesus added to the well and the water was changed. Because we are the salt of the earth. I’m not sharing this story so that you’ll start liking wrestling or even the specific wrestlers mentioned. They are all awesome individuals respectively but each of them being Christians would all redirect your attention upward. God is all around us and wherever we go with Christ in us, Christ goes also. Be encouraged. Christ is risen.

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