It’s time to talk about one of the most sensitive debates in modern memory. Elements of which we see in almost all facets of life. Direct reference and undertoned in so many different mediums. The mere mention of God or of evolution will always perk someone in the room’s ears. I myself have been very involved in study on this topic and I do, in my capacity as a Bible teacher, often get into conversations with people about their strongly held belief in evolution and how they cannot commit to belief in God because of it. I have been on the receiving end of the hostile debaters and seen many fellow Christians do the same so I think it’s about time we demystified this situation. This article won’t be what you might think it is but this information I believe needs to be read and shared for both believers and no believers alike.  It’s time to have some peace.
This may be hard for some to read because it will paint both believers and non-believers in a somewhat unflattering light in some cases, I would ask you to hear me out.

I had a conversation recently with a young man in a grocery store of all places about this topic which brought to my mind many other similar conversations I have had personally, read about, and even seen on video. This has been a debate since evolution because a popular and accepted idea. We all know Charles Darwin and his famous voyage and study in the Galapagos islands. He observed the difference in beak shapes in fiches there and formulated a theory that actually wasn’t so much his but had been floating around in some manner or another for a while. Darwin’s grandfather as a matter of fact did have some part to play in the early foundations of what eventually became his own grandson’s theory. Charles Darwin’s father himself was a medical doctor and with this lineage of scientific men in his family it isn’t hard to see how he followed the in that field. Charles was originally going to follow his father and become a doctor but as that seemed out of reach because he was passionate about nature and couldn’t concentrate on his medical training. This is what led him to study animal life and of course then to put together the evolutionary theory. Darwin did not end his life as a Christian however he did in his younger years. He was baptized and attended church and as a matter of fact when he failed out of medical training and before he went on his famous voyage he considered on his father recommendation becoming a clergy member himself.

So why do I say all this about Darwin? I mention this to give you, the reader, a little visual of the emergence of this man whom we can sometimes think of as evil. I use the word evil because that is the extent of passion I see in people who speak against evolution. They do so as though evolution is a disproof of God. This man Darwin was not the seed of evil and destruction that we sometimes think of him as.

I realize that many forgo this part of the though and jump right into which side they believe is right and which is wrong but myself, I look at issues a lite differentially. This is the part where things might start being a little unpleasant. The unfortunate fact is that a lot of people, on both sides, don’t really know anything about the truth or the facts, they only know what side they like. I have had debates with strong supporters of evolution whom literally had no idea what evolution was about. all they knew is that they thought it was “cool” that some animals might turn into other animals. It seems hard to understand why a person would make a choice for something they don’t care enough to know about but they will happily argue to their last breath for it. I have of course spoken to Christian people who use the stereotypical “God did it” stance which of course is the same thing from the other side. This article will be a longer one and I hope that you will join me on this journey.

I leave you with this parting thought to ponder before the next installment is available.

Evolution and Creation are not enemies.