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Love people Pt1

This is how they will know you I’ve just come back from spending a couple weeks traveling on vacation with my wife. I love the way God speaks to me and works with me. I was all ready for this vacation because I thought that it was going to be a restful rejuvenating trip and that …

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Love people pt 2

Love is a hard thing to talk about mainly because we have a little bit of a deficiency in our language regarding the concept. When we talk about loving things we really talk about a multitude of things but when we hear the word love we almost always immediately connect with the feeling of love. …

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The Lordship of Christ

We have all heard the term “I’ve accepted Jesus as my lord and savior”, it’s a wonderful thing to hear people say of course because it shows that a person has been saved from their sins and redeemed by the saving power of Jesus Christ. It has been my great joy to see many people be born again and take part in the love of Christ.