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Is the Bible Obsolete?

Many people say that the Bible is such an old book that it has no relevance today. Even people whom believe in the Bible as the word of God have trouble relating to the Bible and using it as a practical resource for how to live a Christian life. This happens because people can sometimes have trouble imagining or transposing the details of a story in to modern situations.

This is especially true when working with the old testament, some of the stories in the old testament are of things that truly don’t happen anymore but the question isn’t whether or not we have all the same factors but whether or not we can see the points being presented.

Let me give you an example of the relevance and teach ability of the Bible. in the book of 1st kings chapter 17 we are seeing the great prophet Elijah, God spoke to him and told him to go and declare a drought for 3 years. In fact, the drought was so bad that there was not even dew. This lasted for three years and during this time God told Elijah to go to the Kerith valley to hide. There was a brook there that would provide him with water and God said that he would send ravens with bread and meat in the morning and the evening to provide his food.

This can be a hard story to take in and apply to your life. There are a lot of elements here to take in but ultimately how can we relate to this?

Let me break down this story and sow you three lessons we can easily extract from this few sentences of scripture.

First of all, we can see the lesson of obedience.  Elijah was a great prophet in fact in the Bible Elijah had so much power give him by God that he rained fire from heaven cause a 3-year drought and ascended to heaven. He actually didn’t even die he just ascended to heaven. And he had all these amazing things happen because when God said go out to the Kerith valley and drink from the brook and ravens will bring you food, he said yes father and got up and went. Now we may not be able to relate to all the details of this story but we can understand being obedient to God. That is a universal lesson.

The next lesson is the mastery of God. We sometimes forget that God created all things and that as such he is the master of all things. We read stories like that of Noah and think to ourselves “this is impossible” animals in a boat would fight and attack they would eat one another and attack the people. They wouldn’t come to the ark in the first place. and your right under natural circumstances this couldn’t ever happen. If, however you are talking about something God commanded them to do then it absolutely could happen with no issue just as it is written. What do we learn here? God is the master and if we trust in him we don’t need to worry about any of the details. Now we are not likely going to be called to build an ark and save animals however we are all of us called to have faith and seeing just how powerful God is and just how he can use that power to take care of his people and his purposes makes that faith much stronger.

The third lesson is Blessing. The place that God sent Elijah to hide was not a lush or luxurious place and while there was a brook with water there the brook was very small and didn’t contain very much water. There were many places that Elijah could have gone to have an easier go of his time in hiding. The problem is that God sent the ravens to that spot, that blessing of food was going to where Elijah was supposed to be, if Elijah had chosen not to be obedient then he would have missed his blessing and would have possibly starved or been found and thus would have missed the blessings that took place in the remaining years of his life.

From the same passage we know that we should be obedient to God, that God has the power to make whatever he asks use to do possible so we don’t need to worry and that if we do what were supposed to that we will find blessing s there. Three easy to use lessons in our modern life. If we can push through to the core of these stories in the Bible we can live a rich life in our faith.

I encourage you to read your Bible today.